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    Quick Start for EcoFlash: General Intro and Specifications

    EcoFlash is a code flashing software. The function of the software is to flash the compiled executable code into the low-level device and start the device to execute the program to achieve software code flashing and online upgrade.

    Safety Notice:
    Inappropriate flashing operations may cause flashing failures, which may further lead to error in electronic system errors. Before operating the software, one has to go through manual and comprehensive training to fully understand the system. People who use this flashing tool need to understand the technical details of flashing and understand the characteristics of the flashing objects.

    The flashing tool is based on the Windows operating system. Users need to understand the menu operation mode and file storage system in the Windows system and need to understand the use of Windows Explorer.

    EcoFlash supports multiple file formats, including .S19, .MOT and .HEX files
    Different integrated development environments generate code files in different formats. EcoFlash can parse these files correctly
    EcoFlash software supports two standard communication protocols which are CCP and KWP2000
    Any low-level equipment which supports two protocols and can be flashed through software
    EcoFlash supports various flash memory devices, including SCI, USB and CAN
    Compatible Kvaser-CAN USBCAN2EU and other devices

    Minimum Hardware requirements:
    CPU: 1 GHz
    OS: Windows XP or above
    RAM: 1 GB
    Free space: 250 MB
    Recommended Hardware requirements:
    CPU: 2 GHz
    OS: Windows 7
    RAM : 2 GB
    Free space: 10 GB

    More detailed information can be found here:

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