The Electric Vehicle Charging Controller (EVCC) is a key component in electric vehicles, managing the charging process between the vehicle's battery and the charging station. It monitors parameters like voltage and temperature to optimize charging, ensuring safety and efficiency. The EVCC also facilitates communication with charging stations to authenticate sessions and comply with safety standards, thereby enhancing the reliability and performance of electric vehicles.


The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a pivotal electronic component in modern vehicles, acting as the central processor that coordinates and manages various systems. It integrates data from sensors to optimize performance, safety, and efficiency, controlling critical functions like engine, transmission, braking, and stability systems in real-time. The VCU plays a crucial role in delivering a seamless and dynamic driving experience while ensuring compliance with the highest automotive standards.



The Autonomous Control Unit (ADCU) is a sophisticated electronic module that forms the brain of autonomy. It integrates advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and decision-making algorithms to enable autonomous capabilities. The ADCU processes real-time data, has navigation, and makes autonomous decisions, revolutionizing the future  with increased safety and efficiency.



The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is an intelligent electronic system designed to enhance vehicle safety and driver comfort. Utilizing cutting-edge sensors and algorithms, ADAS assists drivers by providing real-time alerts, automated braking, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and other features. By augmenting human driving capabilities, ADAS aims to reduce accidents and improve overall driving experience.


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