SCU - Supervisory Control unit

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    • General purpose small foot-print controller
    • Supervisory control for range extender
    • Vehicle control for 2-wheeler, or 3-wheeler vehicles
    • Control system gateways
    • Small size, light weight, 64-pin main connector
    • Automotive rated, IP67 capable
    • Model based design and auto-code generation
    • ISO26262 oriented design
    • OBD function support
    • 3+ CAN bus capable


    • Use for Range Extended Electric Vehicle
    • Serial hybrid electrical vehicle
    • 2-wheeler vehicle controls
    • 3-wheeler vehicle controls

    Main chip NXP MPC57xx: 150-200 MHz,Flash 2.5 M, SRAM 384K, floating point capability
    Monitor Chip dual-core system basis chip (SBC) MC33CFS6500
    Supply Voltage DC 12/24V (9~32V)
    Peak Voltage 36V
    Reprogramming BootLoader, CCP protocols
    CAN Bus 3 channels
    LIN Bus 1 channel
    EEPROM Serial Communication 64K
    Sensor Power Supply Output 2 channels, 5V
    Analog Input 8 channels, 12-bit,Support 0-5v signal input and 0-12v signal input
    Digital Input 9 channels, 4 active low, 5 channels active high
    Frequency Input 2 channels, 20Hz - 2kHz
    Small Power Low Side Drive 8 channels @ 250mA, 2 channels could be configured as PWM output
    Low-side Driver 2 channels, 3A
    High-side Driver 2 channels @ 3A, 2 channels @ 0.8A. 2 channels could be configured as PWM output
    Connector 64 pin
    Dimensions 156x128x46mm
    Housing Material Die-cast aluminum