Vehicle Control Unit





Multiple Interfaces

CAN, LIN, DI, AI, PWM, HSO, LSO, 5V/8V outputs, Ethernet, etc.

Model-Based Environment

MATLAB/Simulink Model-based development capable

Powerful MCU

Infineon ASIL-D rated TC297TP chip


All-in-one vehicle control HW platform


Empowering Safer and Smarter Journeys





Introducing the EV22297A Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), a cutting-edge solution tailored to enhance vehicle control capabilities. With a diverse range of interfaces encompassing CAN, LIN, DI, AI, PWM, HSO, LSO, 5V/8V outputs, Ethernet, and more, the VCU offers versatile connectivity options. Seamlessly integrating within a model-based environment, it supports MATLAB/Simulink model-based development for efficient implementation. Driven by the potent Infineon ASIL-D rated TC297TP MCU, the EV22297A ensures exceptional performance and safety. Its compatibility with an all-in-one vehicle control hardware platform underscores its adaptability, making it the preferred choice for a wide array of vehicle control system demands.


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