TDA4 Platform





Computation Capabilities

L2-L2.9 Level


Powerful SoC

TI-TDA4 chip

Powerful MCU

Infineon ASIL-D rated TC397 chip

Advanced Features

High-precision maps, localization, navigation


Empowering Safer and Smarter Journeys




This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with one TI-TDA4 chip and one Infineon TC397 chip, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of automotive-grade applications. The EAT4A01 caters to a wide range of scenarios, including L2/L2.5/L2.9 passenger vehicle environments. Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with our advanced computing platform, revolutionizing the way vehicles navigate the road.


Example Showcase

With one automotive grade TI-TDA4 SoC and one automotive grade Infineon TC397 MCU, TDA4 is capable of ADAS functions such as: ACC, AEB, LKA, LDW, FCW, RCW, PCW, CAN, BSD, CMS, RSR, HMW, TTC.

Multi Sensor Capable

Support multiple camera, Lidar, Radar, Ultrasonic radar types

Passenger Vehicle Orientated

Applicable to commercial and passenger vehicles

GMSL/GMSL2 Capable

Empower your product with reliable visual recognization capabilities.

Vehicle Control Capabilities Integrated

Flawless integration with vehicle control unit with advanced ADAS features

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