ADAS- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) represent a transformative integration of technology into modern vehicles, designed to enhance both safety and convenience. These systems leverage a sophisticated network of sensors, cameras, radar, and software algorithms to assist drivers in real-time decision-making.


All-in-one Solution


Experience the ultimate driving solution with our newest ADAS solution: the EAT4A01 is an intelligent vehicle driving computing platform. With a powerful integration of the TITDA4 and Infineon TC397 chips, this platform delivers unparalleled performance and reliability for automotive grade applications.

VCU + Camera

VCU (EV22297A03) + Camera (JIMU600)

Equipped with computer vision and advanced image processing algorithms, 77GHz forward millimeter wave radar, and other optional sensors. Ecotron’s ADAS is capable of giving warnings to drivers of potential collisions or even initiating emergency braking, in order to protect passengers and other people on the road. 

ADAS Features

Ecotron’s ADAS solutions collect environment data and implement ADAS features such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Front Collision Warning (FCW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

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    LDW - Lane Departure Warning

    LDW system alerts the driver when their vehicle is merging to another lane without turn signals activated.

    FCW – Forward Collision Warning

    FCW system monitors the speed of the vehicle and the vehicle in front of it. It also monitors the distance between the 2 vehicles. The system will alert the driver once the system foresees an impending collision.

    HMW – Headway Monitoring Warning

    HMW system alerts the driver when the vehicle in front is getting too close to the vehicle.

    PCW – Pedestrian Collision Warning

    PWC system alerts the driver when it detects a potential collision with pedestrians.

    AEB – Automatic Emergency Braking

    AEB system detects a potential collision and initializes emergency braking when the driver ignores other collision warnings.