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    Quick Start for EcoCAL: General Intro and Specifications

    EcoCAL is the calibration software of EV/Hybrid system from Ecotron, which can be used to connect and control the battery/motor states, modify the maps of the driver torque, verify the threshold of the acceleration/brake pedals, control the auxiliaries etc. Ecotron HCU/VCU is fully programmable, so if you want to change the setting of VCU/HCU, you need to connect HCU/VCU to laptop via EcoCAL.

    Follows CCP/XCP standard communication protocols
    Uses.A2L files, which is compatible to the ASAP2 format
    Supports various communication media, including CAN, Ethernet, USB and RS232/SCI
    Defines various calibration interfaces, like gauges, dials, plots, surfs, forms, and sheets, etc.
    Supports calibration values, curves, maps and bit-wise manipulating
    On-the-fly calibration capability
    Capable of burning data to VCU and fetching data from VCU
    Saves calibration data to files, and manages the versions of calibration data sets
    Support calibration data management, including “copy”, “compare”, “view” (data difference)
    Records data in CSV/DAT format and play-back in the Data Analyzer
    Supports OBD standards, read diagnostic trouble codes (OTC), clear codes, and report trouble

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by Shuhe Jiang.
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