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    I would like to know the task scheduling scheme and priority.

    1) Is the scheduling of the fixed step size achieved with the interruption?
    2) Is the task raw trigger of the CAN when received interruption?
    3) Is all of TaskH e.g. 1ms, 5ms, 10ms interruption?
    4) Is all of TaskL e.g. 1ms, 5ms, 10ms so-called polling?

    If above understanding correct, which one has a higher priority of each interruption? For instance, the highest one is the fixed step size, the second one is the task raw trigger, the third one is the TaskH_1ms, the fourth one is the TaskH_5ms. etc, and no priority for polling such as TaskL_1m, 5ms, 10ms. etc.

    Please tell me answers to above questions.


    Terry Xu
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    Hi there,
    1. When not scheduled with Task Trigger or other modules, TaskL’s task is actually scheduled if it is scheduled to a fixed step.
    2.Receive CAN Raw With Trigger output f() event is the interrupt triggered when CAN data is received.
    3. Yes, all TaskHs are essentially interruptions.
    4. Yes, all TaskLs are polled.
    For the interrupts mentioned above, the interrupt priority received by the CAN is higher than that of the H-type task and then larger than that of the L-type task.
    Among H-type tasks, the smaller the cycle, the higher the priority, all L-type tasks have the same priority, where L-type tasks can be CAN Receive interrupts and H-type task interrupts.
    In addition, for the current controller of Infineon MCU, the interrupt execution can not be interrupted by other higher priority interrupts. The priority is only to execute higher priority interrupts when the interrupt arrives at the same time. For the controller of NXP SPC5744P and NXP SPC56xx MCU, high-priority interrupts can interrupt low-priority interrupts.
    MCU of EV22297A02 and EAXVA04 are Infineon MCUs.

    Thanks for your support for our forum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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