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    I just want to know how to understand Task_Inherit. In other words, what is the difference between Task_Inherit and others such as Task_L10ms, Task_H5ms? When is Task_inherit executed?


    Terry Xu
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    Hope you are doing well.

    Task_Inherit: This option is to inherit the time of upper module, which requires the CAN module to be placed in the Function-Call subsystem and make the call through Task_Call. If ‘Task_Inherit’ is selected, the block will be executed every time when the subsystem that includes this block is executed.

    Task_L1ms-Task_HL1000ms: This option represents making periodic calls to the CAN module at a selected time.

    Please refer to our EcoCoder Manual Chapter 4.2.4 for details.

    Thanks for your contribution to this forum.

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