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    Charles Hazel
    • Michigan Technological Unviersity


    My Supermileage team is currently using Ecotron’s EH2T1CDTCD ECU to run a single-cylinder engine. We have gotten comfortable with EcoCAL as a means of refining our engine calibrations. I’ve seen advertised that the HCU “supports the CCP/XCP based calibration tools, like INCA, CANape, as well as the cost effective EcoCAL, developed by Ecotron.” Does this mean the HCU can perform the role of an ECU? i.e. If the Ecotron electronic fuel injection kit is wired into the correct channels of the HCU, can I burn a .A2L file and .cal file to the HCU and run the engine with the HCU?


    Terry Xu
    • Ecotron

    Hi there,

    for EFI questions, our engineer will get back to you by email.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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