Ecotron is looking for a full-time sales engineer. The job location is in Los Angeles area, CA. The job starts as an internship, and it can turn into a full-time job based on the performance evaluation.

The company sponsors candidate who will require a H1B visa. We can also sponsor the green card application for long term employees.


  1. The candidate shall have a bachelor’s degree either in business or engineering. Electrical, Mechanical, Engineering major, or Engineering management major is a plus. The candidate shall also be interested in the managerial type of work.
  2. The candidate must demonstrate initiatives and ownership of the assignments.
  3. The candidate needs to be a fast learner, self-sufficient, and having multitasking capability.
  4. The candidate must be interested in doing sales in engineering/automotive field.
  5. Engineering knowledge on electronics, embedded systems, micro-controllers is a plus.
  6. Knowing automotive industries and electronics is a plus.
  7. The candidate is preferred to be Chinese/English bilingual.
  8. The candidate must be willing to work on a flexible schedule.

Job Responsibility:

  • Assisting the team in sales effort, communicate with customer in negotiation, sales, business, and technical support.
  • Learning variant knowledge and skills for project management and product development.
  • Learning knowledge on automotive electronics, autonomous driving, embedded systems, software development, etc.
  • Help the sales manager to maintain the project status, follow up with customers, and push the internal teams for the deliverables.
  • Support customers on business issues, relay the messages to the engineering teams.
  • Communicate with customers on invoices, payments, purchase orders, etc.


ECOTRON is a start-up, high-tech company for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, specialized in controllers and embedded software; located in Los Angeles, CA. Our products are ECUs for electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles.

VCU – Vehicle Control Units for electric vehicles

ADCU/ADAS – Autonomous driving control units, ADAS controllers

EcoCoder – automatic code generation tool based Matlab/Simulink

EcoCAL – calibration tool based on CAN bus


Company website: