Fast Charging Controller





Multiple Interfaces

CP, CC, CC2, CAN, etc.

Diagnostic Feature

ISO14229 ISO15765 UDS

Powerful MCU

Infineon ASIL-D rated TC377 chip


SAE J1772, ISO 15118-1/2/3, DIN 70121, IEC-61851-1/24, GB/T 27930


Empowering Safer and Smarter Journeys





Elevate your driving experience with our NEW Fast Charging controller. This groundbreaking all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates a VCU and charging controller while offering the flexibility to incorporate smart camera and sensors integration. Powered by Infineon's TC377 chip and Vertexcom's MSE1022 PLC chip, the Fast Charging controller brings together cutting-edge technology to enhance vehicle performance, enable advanced ADAS capabilities, and streamline the charging process all in one.



Online Programming

Supports software online updates through vehicle OBD port, convenient for customization and maintenance


Complies with automotive-grade regulation AEC-Q100 grade 2 test specifications and ASPICE level 1 Evaluate

Various Wake Up Methods

Supports input wake up methods like CP, CAN, KEYON

Multi-CAN Channels

Supports multiple CAN channels. with standard CAN interface circuit communicate with BMS.

HIL Testing Platform

Supports EVCC controller, HIL platform for vehicle testing (Contact US for more info).

Common US EVSE(s) Capabilities

Supports all common American standard charging station manufacturers in current market


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