Project Engineer  – Automotive Electronics

Ecotron Corp is looking for a full-time engineer starting as soon as possible. The job location is in Los Angeles area, CA. The job will start as an intern, part-time or full-time, and it may turn into a full time job based on the performance evaluation.

The ideal candidate would be an engineering student, who is in the last year of studying in a college that is located in the SoCal area.  

The requirements:

1. The candidate is preferred to being in the related engineering major who is also interested in the managerial type work.

2. The candidate must be initiative and willing to take ownership of the assignments.

3. The candidate must be a fast learner, being self-sufficient, and having multitasking capability.

4. The candidate is preferred to having some engineering knowledge

5. Knowing automotive industries and electronics is a plus.

6. Experience on helping small businesses is a plus.

7. The candidate must be able to adapt to a multi-culture environment.

Job Responsibility:

  • Learning variant knowledge and skills for project management and product development;
  • Learning knowledge on automotive electronics, autonomous driving, embedded systems, software development, etc.
  • Help the project manager to maintain the project status, follow up with customers on daily work, and push the internal team for deliverables;
  • Support customers on variant needs, relay the messages to the engineering teams;
  • Communicate with customers on invoices, payments, purchase orders, etc.;
  • Writing report weekly for the work.


ECOTRON is specialized in automotive electronics, and embedded software; located in Whittier, CA.

Our products are controllers for electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. Ecotron is a small company in high-tech industries. Ecotron has customers worldwide.

VCU – Vehicle Control Units for electric vehicles

ADCU/ADAS – Autonomous driving control units, ADAS controllers

EcoCoder – automatic code generation tool based Matlab/Simulink

EcoCAL – calibration tool based on CAN bus

Company website: