Embedded Software Engineer – Project management

Ecotron Corp is looking for a couple of embedded software engineers, working as a project engineer, starting as soon as possible. The job location is in Los Angeles area. The job will start as an intern first.

For international students, a CPT/OPT working permit is required. The hire can turn into a full time employee with potential H1b sponsorship.

The requirements:

1. The candidate is preferred to be in the major of Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering, with a Bachelor or higher degree.  Other related engineering majors with a Master or higher degree will be considered, too.

2. Leadership and teamwork skills are required for project management related work.

3. He/She need to be familiar with embedded system and C code programming.

4. Experience with Matlab/Simulink is a plus.

5. Hands-on experience with Nvidia, TI, NXP and/or Infineon micro-controllers is definitely a plus.

6. He/She is prefer to be Chinese / English bilingual.

7. Experience with FSAE or EcoCAR, or Formula Hybrid will definitely a plus.

Job Responsibility:

  • Get trained on automotive electronics, and learn the embedded software and related engineering skills;
  • Work as a project engineer, handle all project related tasks for certain customers;
  • Support customers on variant needs;
  • Maintain the documents of the project;
  • Take some miscellaneous work at the request of the supervisor.


ECOTRON is specialized in automotive electronics, and embedded software; located in Whittier, CA.

Our products are controllers for electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles.

VCU – Vehicle Control Units for electric vehicles

ADCU/ADAS – Autonomous driving control units, ADAS controllers

EcoCoder – automatic code generation tool based Matlab/Simulink

EcoCAL – calibration tool based on CAN bus

Contact: matt.liao@ecotron.ai
Company website: www.ecotron.ai